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Date: 10th October 2016
Plate Type Rotary Tiller
Description of this kind of machine:1GQN-200B rotary tiller is a kind of land preparation machine which equipped with the tractor through droved by the rear motive power output shaft, can be matched with many models of tractor which it?s power within 80-100hp.This kind of machine used in no-tilling or tilled field to rotary tilling or land preparation, has these characteristics: such as, clod finely in drought farmland, when water tillage it will be enough with mud, after rotary tilling, the surface of the field is smooth, good condition with the covered grass and stubbles, with high working efficiency good adaptability to different zone and some other characteristics.Technical specifications:?Model1GQN-200BWorking width(cm)200working depth (cm)12?16Required power (hp)80-100Hanging typeThree-points hangingModel of bladesIT245Number of blades (pc)60Advancing speed (km/h)2?5Overall dimensions (mm) LXWXH1200x2530x1480(with fertilizing hopper)Capacity of the fertilizing hopper(kg)300Whole weight (kg)465Working efficiency (ha./hour)1.5-1.8ha./hour